100% Funded- $36,000 in 4 months!

Hi, my name is Megan and I'm finishing up my first year as a Resident staff member at Midtown Fellowship. After I was accepted to the Residency program, I had the responsibility of raising financial support to cover my salary and training expenses. I was raising finances for the first time and I had NO idea what to expect. The first and most important thing Kelsey taught in our training workshop was the biblical foundations for how God wants to provide for those He has called into full time ministry. We looked at scriptural support and saw how God uses HIS people to redistribute HIS funds, so that we can further HIS kingdom! 

I had to understand that I was called by God to serve Him and therefore the funds were coming from His hand, through the hands of my ministry partners. After understanding the biblical foundation, Kelsey taught all of the practical aspects of raising finances- like strategy and how to ask someone to partner with me. During my time raising support Kelsey held me accountable by encouraging me and reminding me of God's calling to the Residency program. Kelsey has raised her personal financial support for over 4 years and is no stranger to the fears and doubts that you will inevitably face when raising money for something that God has called you to do. She faithfully and prayerfully walked alongside me until I was fully funded and celebrated the wins with me all along the way! By following her teaching and working diligently, through God's provision, I was able to raise $36,000 in roughly 4 months!

I am really excited to see how she will use this same biblical model of fundraising and apply it to raising funds for adoptions! If God is calling you to adopt, please do no let finances stand in the way! If God has called you to this, He WILL provide. You may be afraid of asking others for money, but really you are inviting your friends to give to something that has eternal value- giving a child a forever family! My faith has been stretched tremendously through this process and I now know and trust God in a much deeper way!